Tuesday, August 8, 2017


"What does 'success' mean to you?"
Asked a good friend
I said, "It's my ability to let go ...
and harness happiness in the end"

Ability, to let go of inhibition, fear and concern
when comes my turn
And harness appreciation, courage and relief
when I return

Ability, to let go of negativity, ego and blame
when I lose
And harness positivity, pride and fame
when I choose

Ability, to let go of craving, lust and anger
when provoked
And harness spurning, aversion and calmness
when desired

She quipped, "when do you know, in life,
you have succeeded?"
I chipped " I just know it from experience, which
I can feel when needed"

©Balaji Palanidurai

One peaceful Sunday afternoon I was relaxing and social browsing and came across a post on facebook. It was from a good friend on mine who was casual researching what success means to different people. Coincidentally, I was having a brilliant few weeks at work - from winning new projects to team dinners to receiving gratitude for the individual coaching sessions with my team.

So, instead of the usual "like" action on facebook, I thought of doing something different and penned this poem as my response. I surprised myself by composing the full poem in half hour in one sitting! I am sure this is one poem I might keep coming back to and for self motivation! 

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